Lorena Barfus wrote on January 31, 16 12:16 PM

John could you somehow post this on the Totter.org website.  Jackie called me and told me about Scott's passing.  Linda and Jim traveled to Dartmouth for a service there.  There is a you-tube of Scott and a little excerpt from the Stravinsky piano concerto they talk about in the article from the Dartmouth paper.  So sad - he was so young and talented.  "Cookie" Totter Hoffman was his grandmother  (Uncle ARnold's oldest daughter).  You can google "Scott Smedinghoff" and pictures, etc. come up.  We also lost Fran Totter DeNunno back in 2004 and I don't think the website is updated for that either.  Guess we really ought to update the website since we have more info from Slovenia now. 


Thanks, Rena 

Carl Chesick
wrote on December 26, 09, 8:52 AM
I am attempting to locate an English translation of Anton Jansa's works. Somewhere I got the idea Jose Simec might be able to help? I am Carl Chesick, Asheville NC, USA. My e-mail is dcenterprises at charter dot net

Nancy E. Williams wrote on August 17, 09, 05:20 PM
Just checking for Walter Totter who was in Gays Mills, Wisconsin with the CC in the 30's. His father was the Postmaster General in Bloomington, Il. Walter courted my mother Loretta Mae (nee Turk) Copus. She is now 85 -was around 13 when this took place.

Harald & Elisabeth Totter
wrote on August 16, 09, 03:50 AM
We are the Totter-Family from Linz, Austria!
Our grandfather was born near Graz in styria. His name also was Johann!

Does your family have austrian origins? Congratulation to this website!

Best wishes from Linz,
Harry and Lisi

Jose Simec wrote on April 10 09, 03:36 AM:
I am Joze Simec,native GRIBLJE, Ljubljana, Slovenija.
I have nice images.
My mail: [removed for security]

Jake Totter wrote on Jan 2 09, 9:36 AM:
Hello Totter family and Happy New Year!! Glad I finally found this!!

FEDERICO TOTTER wrote on Oct 08 08, 05:39:58:
Hola soy Federico Totter vivo en Mendoza Argentina, mi padre se llamaba Germán Totter y mi abuelo Alejandro Totter (Austriaco)
Felicitaciones por el Sitio web

Hi my name is Federico Totter.  I live in Mendoza, Argentina, my father is named Germán Totter and my grandfather is Alejandro Totter (Austrian)
Congratulations for the web site.  (Translation by JAT Oct 12, 2008)

Dylan Tynan wrote on Jul 19 08, 05:08:

I am Dylan Tynan, grandson of Irene of Totter, grand nephew of Skeet & Mac who I spent many a wonderful Summer with... 

I thought you should know that, my Grandmother, Irene peacefully passed away last night, around 8 o'clock, in Jacksonville AR with her son Carol at her side.  We all love her & miss her greatly, and there's really no way to type, in an email, a sentence, paragraph, or book that can express it.  I believe the services will be this Sunday in Jacksonville and we will bury her next to her sister Skeet (Gladys) & Mac (Charles).  Thank you for this website ... I see my cousins Rebecca & Kinder were on here last year ... I hope that you keep it running. 

Thank you,
Dylan Tynan

Kinder Ayson wrote on Apr 01 08, 07:03:51:
Hello all...
I love coming to this site to go back to my roots. Thank you for keeping it up. I also learned I share a birthday with Jakob Totter. That's pretty neat.

Rebecca Christian wrote on Sep 11 07, 03:03:54:
Hi. I ran across this site while browsing the internet for family records. I had no idea this site even existed. Well done! I'm Irene Totter's (of the Matija Totter line) granddaughter, and I remember her siblings Gladys and John. I will refer my siblings and parents to this site.

Tina Stockton wrote on Dec 27 06, 08:47:40:
I found your family site while looking up information on Orla, TX. I bought some land up there and by all accounts it is considered a ghost town. Because I want to be able to put a home there I decided to find out as much as I could about it.

You have a very nice site and it is great to see someone else interested in their family history. Too many people now adays just don't care. You can view my family history here if you so choose: http://www.mtstocktondesigns.com/hansenhome.htm