What's New

May 19, 2010
Changes to the Mailing List

The Mailing list has been removed due to hourly SPAM calling for the moderator to reject the entries. There have been no legitimate postings to the list within the past month. Please address inquiries to Info at totter dot org.

March 29, 2010
Changes to Comments Submissions

The Submit buttons for comments have been removed due to vandalism. Email submissions will still be accepted. 

November 4, 2009
Changes to Comments Submissions

Comments will no longer be passed directly to the page to prevent vandalism to the website 

March 22, 2008
Comments added to Gallery for Helen Kiss Arnold and John.  See the Mathias (Matija) Family page.

November 28, 2004
New Picture in the Gallery

There is a new picture of the WWII medals of C. A. McCamy, Gladys Totter McCamy's husband in in the Gallery. See the Mathias (Matija) Family page.

We solicit more pictures and biographical information. If you have anything that might be of interest that is appropriate to publish, please send it to info [at sign] totter [dot] org.

April 6, 2003
More Gallery Pictures and Bio Information

We have added more pictures to the family pages in the Gallery. These include seven in the Mathias (Matija) Family, three in the Peter Family, and seven in the Jakob Family.

We have also posted some biographical information on Gladys Mae Morrison's aviation career. Gladys Mae is third generation through Mathias' daughter Sally (Alice). This will eventually be accessible through the family browser when we have implemented more generations. Click here.

We solicit more pictures and biographical information. If you have anything that might be of interest that is appropriate to publish, please send it to info at totter dot org

September 22, 2002
Gallery Update

The Gallery is now interactive. If you have information, anecdotes, questions, or just want to say something about a particular image, you can now post your comments right in the gallery page. Click here to open the gallery, then click on an image to read the comments so far. You can post anonymously, but we recommend using you're initials or a nickname. Don't be shy!

We have added 16 new photographs to the Gallery. The Gallery home page now shows a thumbnail view for each image. Currently these are not organized in any special way, but as we add more images we will attempt to make it easier to navigate through them.

September 15, 2002
Family Browser and Message Boards

We have created a new tool for navigating through the generations called the Family Browser. Currently we have a few families from the first three generations available. Use the link on the navigation bar or click here to try it out.

There is now a message board where visitors can post information or comments. You do not need to have an e-mail address or be subscribed to the group list to use the message board. Click here to try it out or to read the entries so far.

August 18, 2002
Gallery and Mailing List

We have added a new gallery section for photographs and other images. Use the link on the navigation bar (left) or click here. More images will shortly be added.

We have created a new e-mail list that will be used to facilitate the exchange of information, such as web updates, news, and events. To subscribe to the list you simply enter your e-mail address on the form (see Mailing List on the navigation bar or click here). Once you are subscribed you will receive any information sent to the list

August 9, 2002

This is the new Totter website! We are in the process of building a resource for family members and those interested in Totter history. We will be adding new content and functionality in the coming months as we construct the site, so please be patient and check back often.